V. Putin stated in Kaliningrad that he seeks to liquidate anti-Russian enclaves in Ukraine

Russian authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin. Photo by Gavriil Grigorov (Sputnik/Scanpix).

Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to Kaliningrad on Thursday. In an open lesson held on the occasion of the day, he stated that the purpose of his so-called special operation is to liquidate the anti-Russian enclave on the territory of Ukraine.

An anti-Russian enclave began to form in the current territory of Ukraine, which poses a threat to our country. Therefore, our guys fighting there protect both the residents of Donbass and Russia. And this, of course, deserves all the support of society, said V. Putin during a conversation with schoolchildren in an open lesson called Conversation about important matters.

Speaking about the accusations against Russia due to the aggression towards Ukraine, V. Putin said: Everyone holds the opinion that some kind of Russian aggression is taking place today, and no one understands that after 2014 of the state coup in Ukraine, in Donetsk, Luhansk, at least in large part, the residents of Crimea did not want to be associated with the result of that coup.

In the lesson, he also joked that Ukraine never had statehood before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

During his visit to Kaliningrad, V. Putin is expected to meet with the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, and visit the branch of the Nachimov Jr. Academy.

Located between NATO members Lithuania and Poland, strongly supported by Ukraine, which has become the target of Moscow’s aggression, the exclave is a highly militarized territory of Russia.

V reminds that Moscow decided that when Lithuania forbade the transportation of goods from the Kaliningrad region, which are subject to European sanctions, to Russia via the main territory transit. Vilnius claimed that it will only implement sanctions according to the guidelines provided by the European Commission.

The European Commission has ordered the publication of new guidelines, which indicate that part of the sanctioned goods should be allowed to transit according to the established quotas. According to the reports of the Russian propaganda media, V. Putin will discuss and ask questions with the governor of Kaliningrad during his visit.

The Kaliningrad region includes part of the former East Prussian territory, which was occupied by the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War.

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