V. Putin will get on his knees and scream

According to O. Arestović, after convening the Council of Ministers, V. Putin will ask what the Russian army can do, and they will probably answer him – the soldiers must retreat and turn in different directions.

“The leadership will inform the dictator about defeats, failures and tell him that he will have to say goodbye even to the group in the Kherson region. The serious problems of the Russian military will greatly upset V. Putin. The military will say that they have to retreat, because soon they will no longer be able to simply defend themselves, no one is even talking about an attack anymore,” noted O. Arestovičius.

The adviser to the President of Ukraine said that the Russian leadership understands that the redeployment of troops will not help them. The Ukrainian army will still strike the occupiers as soon as they redeploy their forces.

“He [V.Putinas] will fall on their knees and cry, “How did you let this happen.” They will blame the army, demand that the FSB fix everything, as well as raise strategic aviation and transfer soldiers from one country to another,” he said.

In the program, O. Arestović stated that it was V. Putin that led to such a “disaster” for the Russian forces. He also believes that the head of the Kremlin will urgently look for the culprits.

“The generals understand that they are now responsible for this. And they understand that it is he [V.Putinas] pushed the army into it by his orders. Shouting, fighting, clutching at the chest, and there is nothing else to do, – the adviser to the President of Ukraine described the hysteria of the Russian commanders.

As he pointed out, the Russian military must understand that either they will continue to die on Ukrainian soil, or they must use weapons and start a civil war to topple V. Putin – killing the dictator would be a “white ticket” for the Russians.

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