Vacationers in Crimea have done a favor to Ukrainian forces

Sergej Bratchuk, the press representative of the head of the Odesa military administration, announced this in his Telegram account.

The woman wrote that Eupatoria is “protected”. However, she did not think that such a boast of Russian air defense capabilities would please the Ukrainian military: the latter now knows exactly where the occupiers’ capabilities are located.

“Marina from Crimea kindly showed the air defense sites of the Maskoli near Eupatoria. She has already deleted her post, but the internet remembers everything. Be like Marina and help liberate Crimea faster!” – wrote S. Bratčiuk.

Radio Svoboda also writes that new photos of S-400 air defense systems from occupied Crimea have been circulated online.

The photos and coordinates of the anti-aircraft battery near Eupatoria were first published by independent researcher Benjamin Pittet. He shared the data in a tweet after analyzing photos on social networks.

“This new photo confirms the location of an anti-aircraft defense battery near Eupatoria. The devices arrived around July 20,” he wrote.

B. Pittet also announced the location of the equipment.

At the same time, Radio Svoboda published photos showing an unidentified man standing next to an S-400 air defense system.

According to journalists, the photos were taken 1.5 km from the field, on the spit between Lake Tereklis and the Black Sea. The photos were shared on the Russian social network VKontakte.

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