Visited the Estonian city on the Russian border: the Soviets had prepared a special plan in Narva, the traces of which are felt even now

Since there are a majority of such people in Russia, closing the borders will not harm anyone too much. The Estonian minister conveyed to the Russians that they are not welcome in Estonia. According to him, among Russian tourists there are often persons whose purpose of arrival is to harm the stability and security of our countries.
I have seen a poll during which the people of Lithuania could express their support or not for such a decision of the government. Some agreed, others explained that we would not achieve anything with such a decision, others whined that the Russians would not bring money now. I want to tell them that the current challenges in our region are no longer just a matter of money. It is a matter of survival of the state. Is Ukraine’s example not enough for you? Something like this could happen to us if we are not careful. There is nothing terrible that the Russians will not come to Palanga. Ukrainians will replace them next summer. And maybe that disgusting Russian music will no longer be in the public space. You won’t believe it, but it still rings periodically in the taverns of Palanga, which are prone to vata, I’ve heard it myself.

Of course, we would like the whole European Union to take a decision on closing the borders in solidarity, or at least Finland would contribute (in that case, the Russians would not be able to reach the territory of the EU by land at all), but apparently it will have to wait a while, because decisions are made slowly in the EU. But accepted. I was very pleasantly surprised that this huge bureaucratic apparatus, in the case of Russian aggression in Ukraine, turned around relatively quickly and in solidarity, and support for Ukraine, although delayed, moved.

Do you know which country provides the most support to Ukraine? In terms of total numbers, of course, the United States is very confidently leading, for which we thank them, love them and believe that they will not leave us in trouble. And you know who is in second place?

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