VSAT on limiting the entry of Russian citizens into the territory of Lithuania: this can be called a challenge

“Perhaps it can be called a challenge. Still a new order, new aspects of verification are emerging, but VSAT is preparing for it. There is a little time, that preparation is going on now. Exceptions are provided for those who can enter, and all other Russian citizens will be assessed as to whether they can enter Lithuania,” VSAT representative Giedrius Mišutis told Elta.

However, according to the VSAT representative, it is predicted that the flow of Russian citizens trying to enter Lithuania will decrease.

“There will be enough officers, as many as there are now. If necessary, they will be allocated as much as needed. This is not something that requires doubling forces. It is predicted that the flow of Russian citizens trying to enter Lithuania may decrease in general, because there are signs that at the beginning of the application of the new order, we may wait, try to see what will happen here,” he emphasized.

The VSAT representative also points out that 395 thousand people came to Lithuania this year. Russian citizens, 181 thousand. of them passed through the territory of the country via Kaliningrad transit.

“As for Russian citizens, almost 34,000 came to Lithuania in September. Russian citizens, including those who transited Kaliningrad by train. In August, there were 83 thousand of them, in July – almost 65 thousand”, informed the VSAT representative.

G. Mišutis points out that persons transiting through Lithuania from or to Kaliningrad are not subject to additional, enhanced checks.

This year, 861 citizens of the Russian Federation were denied entry to Lithuania

The VSAT representative also informs that 861 Russian citizens were not allowed to enter Lithuania this year.

“These are persons who tried to travel without visas and who do not meet the requirements for entry into the Schengen area,” he said.

ELTA reminds that taking into account the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the resulting threats to the countries’ national security, Lithuania, together with Latvia, Estonia and Poland, decided to tighten the entry control of Russian citizens.

In accordance with the resolution of the Seimas “On the introduction of the state of emergency” and the criteria approved by the Government, from 2022 September 19 Russian citizens entering the territory of the Republic of Lithuania through all border control points during the state of emergency will be subject to an individual, intensified inspection.

During the inspection, the aim will be to make sure that Russian citizens meet the criteria approved by the Government and that they do not pose a threat to Lithuania’s national security, public order, internal security, public health or international relations, as stipulated in the Schengen Borders Code.

The Government’s resolution confirmed that only Russian citizens and their family members will be admitted to Lithuania through the Schengen external border for special humanitarian reasons, members of crews and crews performing international transport, Russian diplomats transiting through Lithuania, persons with a residence permit issued by an EU state, and as well as Russian citizens holding a long-term national visa or a simplified transit document of the Schengen countries.

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