Vytautas Brewers. We are entering a new reality, where we can expect not only new riots in Lithuania, but also unrest throughout Europe

Therefore, many now experienced the feeling that one page of the history of the Old Continent and the world had been closed before their eyes and another had been opened. That’s how it is.

With the return to Europe of fighting not seen since World War II, we entered a new historical and geopolitical reality.

The Russian regime, which has joined the West in an uncompromising confrontation that threatens even an atomic catastrophe, seeks to involve other authoritarian states, primarily China, in this war.

Thus, it cannot be ruled out that the period of new conflicts may be both long and intense.

It is symbolic that Elizabeth II, who left on the threshold of this transformation, still had time to perform her official duty as a monarch – to congratulate and bless the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, L. Truss.

After she replaces B. Johnson, there is no doubt that this state’s position regarding support for Ukraine and the fight against the Kremlin regime can become even stricter and more active.

This, in turn, could increase the strategic divide between the United Kingdom and the other key Western European powers, France and Germany.

However, everything will be determined by the course of the war on the Ukrainian fronts, where the situation continues to be extremely tense, unclear and complicated.

Ukraine continues its successful offensive in the south of the country, in the direction of Kherson, this week it unexpectedly made a breakthrough near Kharkiv, defeated Russian forces near the important city of Balaklia, and may soon take back the key city in the region – Izium.

However, the Ukrainian front may crumble in the Donbass, where Russian forces in the Donetsk region continue to try to break through the Bakhmut-Soledar axis.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting there admit that their situation is extremely difficult and could turn disastrous at any moment.

Despite this, triumphant trumpets are once again being sounded by such propagandists as O. Arestovyčius, a figure of special services in the administration of the President of Ukraine, who was adopted as a king or pop culture star in Lithuania this week.

However, this week, a detailed article by the commander of the army, General V. Zaluzhno, who rarely speaks in public, appeared in the Ukrainian media.

An authoritative military official predicts that the intense war is likely to continue throughout the next year, and has also consistently mentioned the need for large amounts of military and other Western support, without which Ukraine would not be able to hold its own against Russia, which still has a huge advantage.

Moscow is vehemently opposed to the West providing that support not in doses but in a continuous flow, as well as expanding sanctions against Russia.

The main weapon of the Kremlin is the energy blockade of Europe and blackmail.

This week V. Putin himself promised to “freeze the tails” of the whole of Europe and stop supplying gas to everyone until they cancel all previously adopted sanctions.

Thus, Russia continues to try to inflame the crisis of energy prices and the entire economy as much as possible, the specter of which is already spreading to all parts of Europe.

Western politicians are emboldened to explain that such actions by Russia in the long term only make its own situation worse and turn away its last supporters or those who still believed that it was possible to return to business as usual with the regime.

However, in the West it is fearfully recognized that until then we have to survive this winter, during which not only economic but also social and political upheavals await.

This anxiety and future problems are the main topic of the new Lithuanian political season, which is starting with the Seimas session. But for now, there is nothing new in our sky.

The opposition and President G. Nausėda starve those in power with spears, that they are, as before every crisis, doing nothing, lulling others and themselves with tales that the coming wolf is not as terrible as it is portrayed.

In addition, it is said that those in power lie when they claim that they have a long-standing plan to help the most affected sections of society and are implementing it.

But the critics of the government see that the whole burden is going to be shifted again on the shoulders of the broad masses and generally leave the rescue of the drowning to themselves.

Perhaps the loudest calls are received by those in power to rush to the aid of business, including the big one, as soon as possible.

Businessmen warned that they may no longer be able to withstand the tsunami of energy prices in the Seimas this week. They were invited to the meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee by the chairman of this committee, conservative M. Majauskas.

In fact, he himself is increasingly criticizing his own Government for the delay.

As the government fights back with oaths that they are doing everything and will do more, it is impossible not to see that those in power are indeed confused. More specifically, it is late to teach your actions and plans as clearly as possible.

And new problems and challenges are not waiting for you.

It is not only a business asking for support, but politicians, officials, and judges are increasingly speaking about the need to raise wages.

It is almost certain that we will see new protests or rallies, and maybe even riots in front of the authorities.

Adding to all this the municipal election campaign that has already started, it will be possible to see, as the former patriarch of the Labor Party V.Uspaskichs used to say, a really bad picture. By the way, not only in Lithuania, but also throughout Europe.

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