Warehouses of Belarusian producers are overcrowded – Business News

photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (VŽ).

The economy of Belarus feels the impact of sanctions more and more every month. During the seven months of this year, GDP decreased by 5.2%. Despite the fact that the manufacturing industry is reducing production, the volume of production accumulated in warehouses is increasing rapidly.

If in January, 53.4% ​​of the average monthly production volume was stored in company warehouses, and in July this indicator reached 72.9%.

During a crisis, companies tend to stockpile production. In addition, such actions try to avoid wage cuts and layoffs, in the hope that in the future demand will grow in new export directions or in freed-up traditional directions, he writes. thinktanks.by.

However, according to the experts of “Košta urada” (a project that analyzes economic changes), overcrowded warehouses sooner or later worsen the financial condition of companies and increase their indebtedness.

“If the situation in the market does not change, inventories will become a heavy burden that will affect all industries,” the analysts emphasize.

During the first seven months of this year, the production of companies in the industrial sector decreased by 7.5%.

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