Warning to those going on vacation to Montenegro: the sugary advertisements luring tourists far exceed the reality

Most of my friends chartered directly to Tivat Airport in Montenegro, which is the second largest airport in the country after the capital Podgorica. It is true that it mainly focuses on serving vacationers, so it serves even four fifths of passengers during the summer season. At other times, its windows can actually be boarded up, because it stands half empty and resembles the Palanga airport in all seasons. I found it small and somewhat chaotic, but what surprised me the most was that the security staff allowed bottles of wine to be brought into the plane in hand luggage.

Montenegro has everything you need for an ideal vacation. The country is proud of mountains of impressive beauty, Europe’s deepest canyons, gorges, caves and crystal clear lakes. The country also has a lot of natural, untouched nature. The shores of the country are washed by the large and blue Mediterranean Sea. Its combination with a landscape of amazing beauty and excellent weather attracts Europeans to spend their summers in one of the youngest countries in Europe.

Did you believe that I could write such sleazy sweets of my own free will? No? That’s right, I couldn’t come up with such syrupy stuff even if I tried. The last paragraph was from Montenegro promotional leaflets designed to attract naive tourists. They are just too sweet to believe them so easily. Such elaborate phrases automatically lead one to think that, apparently, things are not so good in that country that the drooling is overdone. In other words, let’s go and see everything with our own eyes.

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