Welcome to Liberland: this patch of land in Europe bigger than the Vatican City no country wants

There are three territories on our planet that do not belong to any state. Delphi plus has already written HERE about a giant no-man’s land in Antarctica and a patch of land the size of Luxembourg in Bir Tawil in the Sahara. At least one of the reasons why these territories do not belong to anyone is obvious: who would want to live in the harsh Antarctica or the baking Sahara? But the third territory, which does not belong to any state and where laws do not apply, is nowhere else but in Europe.

It is probably hard to understand that there is a place in our Europe that does not belong to any state. And no, it’s not here joke about the fact that Ukraine will “deal with” Russia in such a way that nothing will be left there.

Indeed, there is territory on the European continent that no country wants. This is no wasteland or completely useless land. And the territory itself is not so small – it is larger than such micro-states as Monaco and the Vatican.

So where is this no man’s land?

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