What deadly secrets of Putin cost the lives of Litvinenko, Borovik, Trofimov and many others

He kissed the child’s stomach

in 2006 President of Russia Vladimir Putin while walking around the Kremlin, he stopped to talk to a little boy, then leaned over and lifted the stunned child’s shirt and kissed him on the stomach.

“What’s your name?” Putin asked, crouching next to the blond boy and hugging him around the waist.

“Nikita,” answered the visibly confused child, looking around.

Then V. Putin lifted his shirt, kissed his stomach, slapped him on the head and left, leaving the crowd of stunned tourists.

VE.lt reminds that the murdered former employee of the Russian Federal Security Service, Alexander Litvinenko, had just accused Vladimir Putin of pedophilia in the early 2000s.

Later, in the British inquest into A. Litvinenko’s death, lawyers tried to prove that it was V. Putin who gave the order to kill him precisely because of these accusations.

What deadly secrets did Litvinenko know about Putin?

In Litvinenko’s opinion, V. Putin was not taken into intelligence after it was established that he was suffering from pedophilia.

According to him, this perversion of his was not noticed immediately – right before he graduated from the institute.

The leadership of the Andropov Institute did not dare to inform the top managers that a pedophile had grown up in the womb of Soviet intelligence.

V. Putin’s mission to the GDR (German Democratic Republic) was canceled and he was quietly transferred to Leningrad.

Simply put: “The ends were stuck in the water.”

Immediately after V. Putin was announced as head of the FSB, he began to search for and destroy compromising information collected about him.

As head of the FSB, it was not difficult to destroy such data.

According to Litvinenko, V. Putin found videos in the FSB immunity service where the Chekists managed to film him having sex with an underage boy.

V. Putin was filmed in the same conspiratorial apartment on Polianka Street, where the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuriy Skuratov was later secretly filmed with two prostitutes.

According to Litvinenko, later when V. Putin Roman Abramovich on the instructions of blackmailing J. Skuratov from the chair of the general prosecutor, in the conversation the current president of Russia said that he too was filmed in the same apartment.

True, V. Putin kept silent that he was filmed not with a woman, but with a child.

FSB Deputy Director General-Colonel Anatoly Trofimov, who was shot at his door, also knew about this post.

In a narrow circle of friends, he repeatedly expressed his displeasure that the FSB had fallen into the hands of a pedophile.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Soveršeno sekretno” Artiomas Borovikas also wrote about V. Putin’s pedophilia.

A week later, he was killed in an airplane explosion.

Is the Russian president suffering from pedophilia?

So why does Putin kiss boys’ bellies? The answer is rather banal and simple – because the Russian president is a pedophiliac.

Hints of the other end and toilet humor constantly accompany him.

When faced with the object of his sexual desire, he completely loses control, his behavior becomes unusual and exceeds the limits of generally accepted norms.

After all that, neither will V. Putin if his henchmen are unable to explain to the public what happened to the president once again and why he is behaving inappropriately.

This also happened in July, when V. Putin publicly rushed to kiss Nikita’s stomach.

The serfs of the Kremlin could not hide this, obviously pedophilic antics of their boss, because it was recorded by the cameras of the foreigners who were around.

V. Putin publicly admired and admitted that he was jealous of Israeli President Moisha Katsav, who was accused of rape and sexual harassment of women in his homeland.

He was convicted for this.

“Ten women raped! I never expected that from him! He surprised us all! We are all jealous of him!”, V. Putin declared.

V. Putin deliberately lowers the world’s elite to his criminal – mafia level.

According to Litvinenko, Putin has been living by the laws of the zone for a long time, and any Russian zek knows that you cannot sit at the same table or use the same eating utensils with rapists. And these rules are strictly observed in all prison cells.

“As I have already written, there is an extremely serious basis for suspecting V. Putin of sexual deviations,” continued A. Litvinenka, “and it is very likely that if there was even the slightest chance of prosecuting the president in Russia, not tens, but hundreds would turn to the General Prosecutor’s Office of boys and girls who met those needs. And there is nothing to be surprised about.

For Russian Chekists since the time of Beria, rape and sexual harassment have been the norm.”

Rumor has it that she had an intimate relationship with Medvedev

Former Russian State Duma deputy and businessman Ilya Ponomariov believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not heterosexual.

The Russian head of state is bisexual, a former deputy told journalist Dmitry Gordon.

He said many suspect Putin had a sexual relationship with Dmitry Medvedev, the former president, former prime minister and current deputy head of Russia’s Security Council.

However, the politician admitted that he does not know what D. Medvedev’s true orientation is.

“…Many people suspected that Putin was quietly backing him into a corner.

And this is indeed a loyalty factor.

But I can’t confirm that…

I will say frankly that I did not hold the candle,” said the former member of parliament.

Ilya Ponomariov believes that Alina Kabaeva there is no Putin’s wife, and her children are definitely not Putin’s children.

This is a Kremlin project to divert attention from Putin’s shameful secrets.

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