“When I came home, my parents locked me up and made me a house slave”

The fiancé of Princess Martha Louise, the only daughter of Norway’s King Harald V, 85, and Queen Sonja, 84, Verrett now lives in the mountains above Hollywood and is friends with movie stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, 49.

But there were also dark times in the life of the lover of the Norwegian princess. As a child, he suffered brutal treatment, had a morbid addiction to drugs, and was sent to prison for setting fire to a building, according to Lietuvos ryto magazine Stilius.

D. Verrett revealed these shocking facts on a podcast. After his parents’ divorce, he lived with his construction entrepreneur father David B. Verrett (1929–2017) and stepmother Geraldine (1948–2009) in an upscale suburb of San Francisco.

“Father beat me trying to break my resistance. The nanny kept wiping the blood from my beaten body,” said D. Verrett.

Once, he was sentenced to three months of house arrest for inspecting his Christmas presents too early.

“Then my stepmother took all the toys out of my room and locked the door. I could only go to the toilet accompanied by someone. I imagined that Superman could free me, but I never got my hero,” recalls the lover of the Norwegian princess.

As a teenager, Durek had a morbid craving for alcohol and used methamphetamine (a central nervous system stimulant, commonly used as a drug). During one party in an empty house, excessive consumption of alcohol became the cause of a fire. The building burned down.

D. Verrett appeared before the court. He was sentenced to five years in prison for arson and other misdemeanors.

“My cell ‘mates’ kept spitting on me. Then I spent three months in a dark and desolate solitude. Out of desperation, I hit my head against the wall and wanted to kill myself,” said D. Verrett about the horror he experienced in prison.

He was released on parole a year later.

“When I came home, my parents kept me locked up and made me a house slave,” said the fiance of the Norwegian princess.

The man was only able to get out of this hell with the help of the officer who was responsible for his social rehabilitation and control during the probation sentence.

“Since then, I know what love is,” says D. Verrett.

Loved a man before the princess

  • Martha Louise was married to her countryman writer Ari Behn and because of this marriage she gave up her rights to the throne of Norway.
  • The princess had three daughters with him, but divorced in December 2017. Two years later, on Christmas Day, A. Behn passed away. He was said to be suffering from depression.
  • Mr. Verrett was born in Sacramento, USA, and discovered his shamanic gift while still in kindergarten. Learned from the shamans of Bali, West Africa, and Israel. D. Verrett graduated from the School of Holistic Therapy.
  • The shaman has admitted that he had a relationship with a man for eight years before meeting the Norwegian princess.

Prepared by: Ona Kacėnaitė.

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