“When my father left us in Israel, we didn’t even have anything to sleep on”

When you say his name, the diamond business and the “Augustas ir Barbora love story café” in the capital, which has become a point of attraction for social media lovers, come to mind, which before the big holidays of the year decorated with impressive decorations.

Although today Patrick’s life seems to sparkle with diamonds, in order to stand firmly on his feet, he had to go through both fire and water, and when he found himself in Israel, like all young people, he experienced firsthand what compulsory military service is.

Remembering this stage, the man admitted that his attitude towards people changed because of him.

“You lose the emotion. When you see that a person looks sincere, and then he drives in with a belt of dynamite and blows up a hundred families, you lose faith in people,” P. Ribas said.

Patrick is open: Although Israel is always on military alert and everyone knows that a terrorist attack could happen somewhere, it is one of the safest countries in the world.

“For example, if the event is in France, it takes three days to clear the hotel there. In Israel it would take 5 minutes. Because everyone knows how to behave,” said the man.

During the show, Patrik also talked about his difficult childhood, when, upon arriving in Israel with his family, his father left them, so his mother, who was left alone with two small children, had to cling to life and start everything from scratch.

“When we came to Israel, there was nothing to sleep on. We slept on a mattress. A mother with two children had to deal with all matters alone. I can’t imagine how she, as a woman, had to start down this path. She had to work 14 hours a day to support her family. We spent the day absolutely alone – we had to take care of ourselves. I just remember when I was walking the streets alone, thinking a lot. It should not be that way.”

Today P. Ribas is the owner of a successful business. But why is there almost never any money in his account?

For what reason are his and his mother’s diamond businesses separate? What does it mean to build a factory in India?

The whole diamond story – already this Tuesday evening, at 8 p.m., on the show “Bus visko” on LNK.

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