When Russians began to flock to Finland, the country’s decision was particularly harsh

The decision to restrict entry was made by the president and a committee of ministers in view of the “serious damage to Finland’s international position,” the government said in a statement.

After the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilization of the country on Wednesday, Russians began to flee the country en masse, fearing to be drafted into the army. There was a huge traffic jam on the border between Russia and Sakartvel, and a similar situation was announced on the Finnish border.

In published videos from these borders, it was seen that mainly passenger cars with Russian license plates want to cross the border. Those who want to cross the border and escape as far as possible from the military committees and the need to go to war ignore traffic rules and often drive into the oncoming traffic lane, trying to be faster than others, writes UNIAN.

Since Moscow announced mobilization due to the war in Ukraine, the number of Russians arriving in Finland has doubled: on Thursday, more than 6,000 arrived in the Nordic country. Russian, a representative of the border guard service told the AFP news agency on Friday.

Serbia has also become a popular destination. Russians don’t even need visas here. Tickets Moscow – Belgrade for the next few days are sold out. It is estimated that over 50,000 people managed to escape to Serbia in the first day after the declaration of partial mobilization. Russian

Lithuania strictly stated that they would not allow Russians fleeing the mobilization. Also decided Latvia, Estonia. “Conscripting into the army is not enough. As a basis, there must be a completely different thing – this is political asylum, which is granted to those people who are persecuted”, the Minister of National Defense testified. Arvydas Anušauskas.

At a time Germany is ready to accept deserting Russians who are at risk of serious repression. They can apply for international protection in the country, German Interior Minister Nancy Fraeser said in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

German Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann wrote in a tweet with the hashtag “partial mobilization” that “it seems that many Russians are leaving their homeland – everyone who hates Putin’s way and loves liberal democracy is welcome in Germany.”

Baltic countries and Poland has already tightened the procedure for entering the territory of the country for Russian citizens and no longer admits Schengen and tourist visa holders.

In September, Finland also drastically limited the issuance of tourist visas to Russians. However, they continue, at least until now, to enter Finland with visas issued in other EU countries belonging to the Schengen area.

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