will encourage young people to consume more alcohol

The younger generation is drinking less alcohol than their parents, and as a result taxes collected on sales of drinks such as sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine, have suffered.

Therefore, the national tax agency has launched a national competition with the aim of proposing ideas to reverse this trend.

The Sake Viva! campaign hopes to create a plan to make the drink more attractive and boost the alcohol industry.

The competition asks 20-39-year-olds to share their business ideas to help drive demand among their peers, whether it’s Japanese sake, shochu, whisky, beer or wine.

The tax authority’s tendering group says alcohol sales have fallen due to new habits, partly shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, and an aging population.

It wants contestants to come up with promotions, branding and even cutting-edge AI-related plans.

Japanese media say the reaction has been mixed, with some criticizing the proposal as encouraging an unhealthy habit.

Contestants must submit their ideas by the end of September. The best plans will be refined with the help of experts, and the final proposals will be presented in November.

The campaign’s website says Japan’s alcohol market is shrinking, driven not only by a declining birthrate but also by the country’s aging population.

The latest data from the tax agency show that in 2020 people drank less alcohol than in 1995. – from 100 liters on average per year to 75 liters per adult.

Tax revenues from alcohol taxes also decreased during the year. According to the newspaper “The Japan Times”, in 1980 this income was 5 percent. of all income, and in 2020 – only 1.7 percent.

The World Bank reports that nearly a third of Japan’s population is aged 65 and over, the highest proportion in the world.

Concerns about that future are not the only problems facing Japan’s economy, with concerns about the supply of young workers for certain jobs and the care of the elderly in the future.

Adapted from BBC info.

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