Wolves have a clear plan for friendlies

The Wolves team, which is preparing for the upcoming basketball season, will start a cycle of friendly matches on Monday. Seven confrontations with rivals from Lithuania and abroad are planned for it. Wolves will play one more extra game if they find a suitable opponent.

At the start of the cycle, on August 29-30, “Wolves” will test their strength against “Labas GAS” from Prien and “Ulikool” from Tartu. After that, the team will hold a training camp on the beach, during which on September 5. will play against the “Gargžda” team.

On September 9-10, “Wolves” will participate in the Vladas Garast Cup tournament in Klaipėda. In its semi-final, “wolves” will fight against the Latvian champion Rigas VEF, and in the small or big final, Klaipėda “Neptūnas” or Estonian champions Pernu “Parnu Sadam” will be waiting the next day.

At the end of the marathon of friendly matches, two matches are scheduled with the prize winners of the previous “Betsafe-LKL” season, “Lietkabel” from Panevėžys and “Žalgiris” from Kaunas. “Wolves” will play against Panevėžys on September 13, and against Kaunas on September 19.

Speaking about the soon-to-be-started cycle of friendly matches, Wolves striker Regimantas Miniotas claimed that the team, which is busy in training, already misses the battle on the basketball court. At the same time, it is a good opportunity for the newly formed team to strengthen mutual relations and understanding.

“It’s interesting to check. We are working hard for the second week. It’s fun because the match is such a friendly test. As soon as we get Prienus, we will play with them during the season. It will be interesting. Every match, every training session is now important for us to play as well as possible, to do as well as possible, so as not to have a big mistake. We will try to take the match very seriously and not just play around because it’s just a friendly match,” said the Wolves’ tall man.

In the V. Garast tournament, “wolves” will have the opportunity to win the first trophy in the club’s history. R. Miniotas did not hide that the team will try to win the Champions Cup.

“We are really not going to be tourists, not to play, but to win. You always try to win, wherever you participate. Here is the fact. We’ll try to do the best we can, and what we get, we get. The season is still just beginning,” said the basketball player.

In his opinion, “Lietkabelis” and “Žalgiris” waiting at the end of the cycle of friendly matches will be the best test that will show in which direction the team needs to work further.

“We will start with Priene, which is not yet fully formed, is a slightly weaker team, and after that we will go to Lietkabel, Žalgiris. We will check with stronger caliber opponents. It’s interesting to see for yourself how we look before the season, so that we know what’s missing, where we still need to work, what to do,” asserted R. Miniotas.

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