Y. Tsunoda will be fined 10 starting positions

AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda should be handed a 10 grid penalty at the Italian GP.

It was Japan’s fifth warning this year. And according to the current rules, an athlete who has collected five warnings, four of them for misdemeanors during races, is fined 10 starting positions.

Y. Tsunoda’s fifth warning was given during the Dutch GP for improperly wearing seat belts.

The athlete stopped at one point in the race when he thought that the team did not fasten one of the car’s wheels well enough. However, at the command of the team, he returned to the technical service area.

After arriving at the stop, the athlete asked the team to tighten his seat belts more. Later, the athlete returned to the track, but stopped again and withdrew from the competition.

Y. Tsunoda was given a warning that was not related to driving on the track. But since the athlete has been warned four times so far, he will be penalized 10 starting positions during the Italian GP.

Japan would have been penalized earlier if last year’s rules were in place now. Before this year’s season, it was decided that the penalty for the starting positions would be given if the athlete collected not three, but five warnings.

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