Yeltsin’s humor and love of women soured bitterly: he was accused of violence and harassment, and the Queen of England was left cold by his tactlessness

In addition, even as president, Yeltsin showed quite intimate attention to his employees. Once, during an official ceremony, he winked at a Kremlin secretary as he passed by. This episode was televised.

After the “assassination attempt” experienced a political reincarnation

Invited to work in the country’s capital by the initiative of Yegor Ligachyov, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Boris Nikolayevich quickly changed three leading positions: first, he headed the construction department of the Central Committee, then he was the secretary of construction of the Central Committee, and finally he became the first secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee.

Yeltsin’s popularity with the people grew, but two years later Mikhail Gorbachev arranged for Yeltsin to be removed from the Politburo and from the Moscow City Party Committee. But Yeltsin, who survived depression and attempted suicide, continued the fight for democracy, uniting like-minded people around him and becoming almost a folk hero.

And then, on September 28, 1989, the news spread across the country: an attempt had been made on Yeltsin – he was thrown from the bridge!

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