you forget the ego and go sacrifice for the team

Moreover, the game of the 32-year-old basketball player surprised not only the fans, but also the coach himself. M. Kuzminskas was one of the leaders in the World Cup qualifiers against Hungary and Montenegro. What’s more, the Vilnius native is not going to slow down in the European Championship.

“It’s great to play again. I’ve missed basketball, I’m full of energy, my fitness is also improving, because after the first game it looked like I needed an oxygen mask and a leg brace. But I want to emphasize that we all know what our team’s strengths are, who our leaders are. All other players have to help them,” M. Kuzminskas told

The Lithuanian played three matches in the preseason, during which he collected 13.3 points, 3 rebounds and 11.6 utility points.

The excellent game of M. Kuzminskos allowed the Lithuanians to finish the preparation stage successfully and win 9 victories from the same number of attempts. True, the striker does not emphasize these achievements too much and hopes that success will accompany him in the European Championship.

“We start on September 1, then everything will be seen. There was no time to enjoy the victories, it was necessary to correct the mistakes, I think that the preparation cycle itself was smooth, I hope that the championship will be like that”, said the basketball player.

However, M. Kuzminskos could not be in the national team.

The injury experienced at the start of the training session disturbed K. Maksvytis’ plans as needed. The coach, who survived the shortages of the hard sides, tried various options, but the excellent return of M. Kuzminskos to the field allowed him to breathe a little again.

“When you come to the national team, you have to forget your ego and sacrifice for the team. This is not a club season where you get paid and have something to prove to someone. We come because we want to, we want to fight for Lithuania. No matter what position I play in, I will be happy if it helps me to win,” the basketball player described the game in K. Maksvytis’ national team.

M. Kuzminskas will be important for this national team not only because of his abilities on the field, but also because of his experience and calmness outside of it.

The 32-year-old basketball player is the oldest player of this team, who has both NBA and Euroleague experience. Not only that, the forward has a calm character, so when there is tension, the experience of M. Kuzminskos in the locker room of the national team will be necessary.

“If you look at 2012, then the average age of the national team was 32 years. I think it’s more fun for the fans because we have such a young national team that will be able to please them for a long time,” the basketball player said.

According to M. Kuzminskos, this summer’s national team, when K. Maksvytis took the helm for the first time, pleases not only the fans, but also himself and other team players.

“It’s a lot of fun, a lot,” the player described the mood. – I don’t know how many years I have been in the national team, but this summer I feel probably the best. Of course, the atmosphere in the national team is always good, but now there has been a generational change, and I wouldn’t say that it has had a negative effect.”

The Lithuanian national team will enter its first match at the European Championship on Thursday, when it will face the champion Slovenian national team. In Group B, which will be held in Cologne (Germany), together with Lithuanians and Slovenians, Germans, French, Bosnians and Hungarians will compete.

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