You kissed the doorknob after booking your accommodation online – be careful

It will pass soon summer, for most it is vacation time. And we plan it in advance. Where, how, with whom we will spend long warm, light-filled days. How much to save or set aside.

We like frequent to travel through agencies where we are taken care of from boarding the plane to all inclusive. You just need to pay and pack your suitcase.

Others travel independently to remain independent and untethered to others. Likes to travel according to their “calendar”, hobbies, interests, but looking for safe accommodation according to their pocket.

So most people turn on their computer and register at a well-known accommodation platform. The best hotels offer a wide variety of different places to stay. Motels, hostels, holiday homes, etc. Can be booked several months in advance, no booking fees.

If you book 15 trips in a few years, you get discounts and free breakfast. We received a discount, and the site itself paid us a bonus of 10 euros.

We ordered an apartment in Poland, everything is fine – the order has been completed, the confirmation has been received. The money is deducted from the bank card on the specified day. Will!

We pack our bags and go to Na Helu. Poland is beautiful, delicious food. Enviably beautifully arranged historical castles and their expositions. We go to the booked place at the specified time, knock on the door, but there is nothing there.

No one welcomes, no one opens the door. When calling the owner’s phone number, no one answers. We call the contacts listed on the website, after all, it is written that what to do in case of unexpected events. We do – call, write – zero, no results.

Later, he answered us only on the evening of the fourth day, he listened – he regretted it and that was it. It’s good that Poland is not only a land of good roads, delicious food, cheap goods, but also a land of sincere, good people.

She helped us, called her friends. They found us a place to stay. We stayed at this resort for a week. When some accept, others don’t even pick up the phone.

I will never use this platform. After reading what the affected customers write, be careful that we don’t end up kissing the doorknobs when we arrive at the scheduled location.

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