you should not strain yourself, do something by force

It’s true, don’t overwork – find time to relax: it will be important to calm down and rest. You should not strain yourself, do something by force. Anger, especially ending the relationship, will not work at all. It is a day of reconciliation, renewal of relationships, when it is useful to communicate, to renew broken connections – including romantic ones. Look for people close to you, strengthen existing connections. Rely more on intuition – it will help you correctly assess the situation and predict the future.

Until 5 p.m. it is advisable to arrange the most important matters. Later is not a good time for important meetings and agreements.

Today it is good to remove garbage, spam, and repay debts from the house. It should be considered as a ritual that allows you to escape from bad habits and overcome the inertia of failure.

Dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are quite complicated, often deceptive. Only those dreams in which something was clearly said or shown will be more important. It was good to work the land, to see bread, cakes – this is success at work, wealth. It’s bad if you were naked – poverty, seeing the road, driving – obstacles in business, fire, lightning – losses, big troubles.

Bad sign: if there is no cold water while washing, if the dishes are dirty, to meet a person with empty buckets, to be injured to the point of bleeding.

A good sign: to get your feet wet, to be accidentally doused with cold water, to melt if a bird over your head goes astray.

A look ahead: on Friday it is advisable to wear white, yellowish, golden clothes.

Aries (03 21–04 20). On Thursday, you will have no difficulty in understanding and influencing others. Until the evening is a good time for important conversations and negotiations. It would be great if in the evening you apologized to the other half for the previous troubles.

Bull (04 21–05 20). On Thursday, the irrational world will become your main space. Go deeper into yourself – intuitions will be accurate and clear. You will understand perfectly what you need, in which direction you need to move. By the way, avoid sharing your thoughts, impressions, feelings in the evening – you are unlikely to get the desired resonance. Be more lenient with your loved ones, especially your mother.

Twins (05 21–06 21). Thursday is a successful day, especially if you try to calm down, remember past successes more often and look for unused opportunities. In the evening, greater tact when communicating with your spouse is necessary – this is not the time for grievances, reproaches (they won’t hear, and if they hear – the result will be the opposite of what was expected).

Cancer (06 22–07 22). Thursday until the evening is a favorable time for managing money and property matters. Well, the evening is not suitable for spending, nor for buying valuable things, nor for giving gifts. Don’t take on a lot of work in the evening – you won’t speed things up, and you’ll damage something if you’re nervous.

Leo (07 23–08 22). Thursday is strange, contradictory. If there are misunderstandings – know that everything is fine, but if things go smoothly in the evening – take a closer look, are there any mistakes, deceptions? So take your time and don’t rush. The evening is unfavorable for love adventures. Be careful with children.

Virgin (08 23–09 22). On Thursday, you should not show initiative, nor does it make sense to strictly plan the day’s work – surrender to the flow of events. It is a good opportunity to finish old work. Spend the evening at home with yourself. Apologize to your significant other, even if you don’t have anything to apologize for.

Scales (09 23–10 23). On Thursday, no matter what happens, you will find the optimal way out. Just don’t do anything new, although you may be fascinated by innovation. Well, old friends will once again help you solve your business or family problems. The evening is deceptive – beware of strangers, this is not the time for new acquaintances.

Scorpio (10 24–11 22). Thursday is a good time for making a responsible decision at work, if you have been preparing for it for a long time, if you are an intuitive person. It is better to stay at home in the evening. And be more careful of thieves, swindlers, liars, and liars.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21). Thursday is a great day when illusions are dispelled, secrets are revealed, and you begin to understand who is who. Until the evening is a good time for various meetings and agreements. The evening is not favorable for stays, as well as for receiving guests.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19). On Thursday, try to do your work as well as possible and do not blame anyone, do not pressure anyone, do not teach – neither at work nor at home. Avoid rash, hasty commitments.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18). Thursday is successful for negotiations, fostering partner relations. Look for reserves for the expansion of activities, draw inspiration from the past. In the evening, try to show your partner more warm attention.

Fish (02 19–03 20). On Thursday, you should not rely on luck – prepare for everything more responsibly, think about any possible unfavorable situations. And learn to celebrate even small successes. Be more attentive to your health.

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