you will gain recognition and popularity this week

Aries (03 21–04 20)

A great time for active activities, speeding up work, changes: Tuesday – more activities, later – personal life. Try to maintain your independent opinion, you will need it on Sunday and early next week. On Saturday, do not rely too much on intuition about money – you will be gullible and a dishonest person can mislead you. Don’t give in to the temptation to score points in your relationship with your loved one.

Even if there is an enlightenment about what needs to be fixed in your life, take your time to act on Sunday and Monday. Enthusiasm and self-righteousness will become your enemy. You will suffer if you take too much initiative, you will want to do things your way.

Taurus (04 21–05 20)

From Tuesday, get down to work – success and recognition awaits you. Do everything that helps strengthen success, leads to professional recognition. The whole week is good for implementing ideas – you will be creative and persistent. On the weekend, on Monday, be more attentive to your spouse, business partners – inattention to their opinion can ruin an important idea.

Whatever you find out, whatever happens, know that there are more ways out than you think! True, now it is unlikely to be able to find a suitable solution.

Gemini (05 21–06 21)

Tuesday is difficult, but from Wednesday – an active, successful time. Take on important matters. This week, you will mostly act to stimulate the impulse – you will be “triggered” by an argument, conflict, failure at work or handling an important matter. Favorable for various meetings, trips – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

At the weekend, optimism, relationships with your significant other, children and parents will greatly depend on whether you know how to forgive. Neither on the weekend nor on Monday should you take a fatal step, make a risky decision, both regarding activities and personal relationships. Sunday, Monday are full of surprises that will change your intentions – you will have to give up something, postpone something for an indefinite time.

Cancer (06 22–07 22)

Don’t rush anything, don’t rush anywhere. Check everything, monitor, rely on self-sufficiency. Wednesday and Thursday are quite difficult – you will achieve your goals only with calmness and peace. On Friday, things will take a turn for the better – this is a favorable time for activities, travel, and communication.

Don’t go on any adventures this weekend. Don’t give in to the temptation of a stubborn or, conversely, a sad fan. On Sunday evening, on Monday, refrain when you feel the urge to express everything that has accumulated to a dear person. This is not the time to teach, to turn to the path of truth – everything will turn out the other way around. Don’t expect quick and good results in activities either.

Leo (07 23–08 22)

Claims heard in the first half of the week will only encourage the determination not to put up with what you usually give in to. At the end of the week and the beginning of the next one, it will be important that you maintain a sense of optimism and humor, then you will resolve all disagreements and conflicts successfully. The middle of the week is a favorable time to apply – you will find the golden mean.

If you want the relationship with your loved one to continue to be happy, do not spoil it on the weekend because of a bad mood, a whim, stupid ambitions, jealousy. On Friday, Saturday, it would be appropriate to give up unnecessary things, bad habits. On Sunday, Monday, it is important not to give in to rebellious moods – before crossing a branch, check whether there is a pillow on the ground.

Virgo (08 23–09 22)

Don’t try to do everything alone – now that Venus is in your sign, everyone will be kind and attentive and will be happy to help both at work and at home. In the first half of the week, it is worth planning more difficult and important work. It is true that this will also be a good time for a visit to the doctor. It is advisable to pay more attention to digestion, food quality. It is suitable to choose a diet.

At the end of the week and the beginning of the next one, avoid open conversations with important people at work and at home – this can provoke misunderstandings. You should not be too open with a loved one: you may be misunderstood.

Libra (09 23–10 23)

This week you will get recognition, popularity wherever you are. Wednesday, Thursday are great days for business meetings (received offers are worth accepting), love dates, and friendly gatherings. Friday is suitable for approving operational agreements, solving financial problems – calculated risks will pay off.

On the weekend, on Monday, try to do everything yourself and not ask anything from anyone. These days it will be important to avoid getting angry with your partner – this will be extremely harmful not only to your health, but also to your performance.

Scorpio (10 24-11 22)

Tuesday and Friday will be successful for activities when you can guess a lot, so it is worth discussing important things for you. Wednesday, Thursday – passive days, not suitable for active activities, it is best to spend them at home. On Friday, Saturday you will be inspired, everything will be successful in whatever you do.

Unexpectedly, a new or old romantic relationship can be renewed. Sunday, Monday may include the excitement of changes. The news you hear these days will make you stop and take action, but it’s better not to do it now.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – the time of useful meetings. It is worth solving accumulated problems – both related to labor relations and your salary or project financing. On Friday, don’t bother yourself with business affairs – take care of your family and home. True, it is suitable for solving financial problems due to the improvement of household conditions or the purchase of a new home. Saturday is favorable for remodeling the house.

The mood will be fun on Sunday and Monday if you remain more tolerant of the other half. These days, arguments and disagreements with others should be avoided in general.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19)

Tuesday is a time of strength and victories, so don’t waste time. From Wednesday – quieter days, but perfectly suitable for important business meetings. Friday is the most favorable for concluding employment contracts. Saturday is also important for activities, so carefully evaluate the information you hear on that day, the offers or advice you receive. Up to and including Friday, it is a good time to buy both work and household appliances.

Sunday, Monday are quite dangerous days because you will tend to misjudge the situation.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18)

If you have planned to take on something new or difficult, get to work on Wednesday. From today you will become extremely active, so you can plan both responsible work and important meetings until Friday inclusive. Friday is good for dealing with money and property matters – don’t put it off until later days.

During the weekend (especially Sunday evening), try to step back from solving any personal problems, especially clarifying relationships. Rely on yourself – everything will happily turn in the direction you need. It will be difficult on Monday if you lose your tact when communicating with your colleagues, your boss.

Pisces (02 19–03 20)

Tuesday promises pleasant surprises. This will be a great time for energetic activities. Wednesday, Thursday – a passive, quiet time, not suitable for handling important matters. Relax, let it all go. You will even be surprised to see that somehow everything resolves itself. These days you can feel like someone’s secret patronage, and if you don’t spoil anything on your own initiative, something will turn in your favor. The most successful day for activities and business meetings is Friday.

The determination will be enough on Saturday as well. It will be suitable to start long-planned work at home. Strange, provocative – Sunday, Monday. Do not rush to change anything, rush to freedom, destroy what you fought for.

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