Zelenskiy started his address tonight in an unusual way

Neither sirens nor explosions frighten the residents of Kyiv today. However, news from Enerhodar, which is temporarily occupied by the Russians, raises fears. The Russian-controlled Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe and turned into a warehouse for military equipment, was completely disconnected from the Ukrainian electricity grid yesterday for the first time in history.

“Every thinking person is now afraid. Knowing our neighbor and his capabilities, we understand that the consequences of current events can be any. That’s why it’s scary. We are not afraid of being left without electricity, but the ecological situation may change,” said Natalia, a resident of Kyiv.

“We understand that anything can happen because we are not in control of the situation. But if it happens, we are psychologically prepared for it. Although it is difficult to prepare physically, it would be a threat to life,” said Bohdan, another resident of Kyiv.

“It is clear that everyone, the whole world, is afraid. There is a great desire for peace to prevail again. For international observers to finally reach the power plant. We want the electricity supply to return to normal. So that we all live safely”, Volodymyr seconded him.

However, the Ukrainian president doubts whether the world is really aware of the threat. He started his traditional address tonight in an unusual way, addressing his words not only to Ukrainians, but also to all Europeans.

V. Zelenskis believes that international organizations are not putting enough pressure on Russia to leave the power plant.

“The world must understand what is at stake: if the diesel generators had not turned on, if the automatic systems and our personnel at the power plant had not responded to the shutdown, we would now have to deal with the consequences of a nuclear accident. Ukraine and all Europeans are one step away from a nuclear catastrophe because of Russia,” said the President of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s nuclear power plant operator Enerhoatom says all six reactors at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant were still disconnected from Ukraine’s power grid today, but there are no reports of problems at the plant. Electricity for the needs of the power plant is supplied through Ukrainian systems.

“As I mentioned yesterday, a nuclear power plant should never be in an area of ​​active war. Therefore, as we have already said, Russia must agree to demilitarize the area around the plant and allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to visit and assess the safety and security systems as soon as possible,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Washington warns Moscow not to divert electricity from the power plant. Russia has already promised to use the electricity produced at the Zaporizhia power plant for its own territories and needs.

“Any games with nuclear power means it will have to be shut out of our energy system.” And that poses a huge risk. A huge risk, equivalent to the risk of nuclear war. It’s just… I always thought no one would shoot up a nuclear power plant. Even during the war…” – said Herman Halushchenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

Kremlin forces have already fired several times in the territory of the power plant. However, nuclear is far from the only Russian terror that Ukrainians experience every day.

“There have been problems with water for a long time, since winter. And this was especially felt in the summer. Next to the water is the biggest row. It is hot, the temperature reaches 40 degrees. What are people to do? When there is no shooting, we go to the river,” said Natalija, a resident of Torecko.

In the east of the country, the residents of the frontline are dependent on humanitarian aid providers. Constant Russian shelling has completely destroyed the infrastructure here.

“Russia has created many problems, crises and catastrophes for our country, Europe and the whole world. But only she herself will suffer the biggest disaster. The terrorist state itself. This Titanic hit the iceberg on February 24. No matter how hard they try to stay afloat, they will not succeed,” said V. Zelenskis.

The President of Ukraine promised that Russia will get retribution not only for the attacks that killed dozens of civilians in Chaplyne on Independence Day. But also for the crimes in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Donbass and other cities destroyed by Kremlin forces.

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