Zelensky’s demand for Berlin: give us these weapons

V. Zelensky disagreed with the German government’s argument that it does not want to act separately from its NATO allies. “You are an independent state. There is nothing wrong if you don’t want to give us these weapons, you have the right to your opinion,” he said. “But don’t say that the United States must do it first, then Poland and so on.”

The German Bundestag will consider further military support for Ukraine on Thursday afternoon. The motion in parliament calls on the government, among other things, to immediately grant “authorization to export to Ukraine battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and transport tanks from supply reserves.”

So far, no NATO country has provided Ukraine with Western-made battle tanks. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz insists that Germany should not act independently in this area. Speaking about his recent phone conversation with O. Scholz, V. Zelenskiy told Bild TV: “I spoke very directly because I don’t understand some of the steps.”

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